The gym on Khao San Road in Bangkok

Blogger Newley has a story in the NY Times about how Bangkok's legendary backpacker district, Kao San Road, now offers more upscale accommodations -- there's even a Starbucks:
Visitors to Khao San Road “are more hi-so now,” says Pattamon Yaidaeng, invoking the local term for “high society.” She would know, having worked at the front desk of Buddy Lodge Hotel (265 Khao San Road; since it opened five years ago. Rooms there, costing up to 2,500 Thai baht a night, or about $83 at 31 baht to the dollar, are fairly basic, but certainly more comfortable than a typical Khao San Road hostel. Amenities, some at extra cost, include Wi-Fi, a gym with personal trainers available, a sauna and a rooftop pool.
I have used the gym at Buddy Lodge -- it's an affordable and roomy little fitness facility. It's equipped with a stationary bike, free weights, machines, and mats for floor exercises. The gym at Buddy Lodge charges about 200 baht for drop-ins, and they have three day, weekly, monthly, and yearly pass rates too. Upstairs there is a rooftop pool which costs 200 baht per visit if you are not a guest. (If you are buying a long term gym pass, you might want to negotiate use of the pool in advance -- otherwise it's not included).

I would add that the district can be a relatively pleasant place to stay, especially if one stays on one of the side roads off the main strip. Khaosan Road is very close to the river, the palace, and a twenty minute taxi ride to the shopping mecca of Siam Square -- where you can catch Bangkok's wonderful sky train.

Photos: by Jotman, they show the fitness center at Buddy Lodge.

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  1. I am currently staying on kao san road and have been calling different hotels to find a gym that I can use. I rang Buddy Logdge just now and was told it was 1200 baht to use the fitness centre :O

    Maybe, she incorrect. I will call again. Thanks for the info.