Burning Plastic Water Bottles

One discomfort of travel in Southeast Asia -- and the developing world generally -- is that in many towns and villages, the locals burn plastic water bottles. This can seriously diminish the quality of your travel experience. On more than one occasion, I have woken up to a hotel room full of smoke! I shot this video of one particularly noxious fire near that was burning adjacent to my beach bungalow.

Surprisingly, I have found it doesn't always help to talk to the management about this kind of issue. The only solution is often to find alternative accommodations -- fast. By the way, this is one reason why I consider it unwise to book and pay for hotels in advance -- if you aren't booking a top-end place, that is. Mid-range and below, it's so hard to anticipate in advance what you will really be getting. You could find yourself situated downwind from a garbage fire, or next to a construction site. I recall seeing some folks sunbathing at a hotel. Nearby a workman was doing some renovations using a jack-hammer. My heart went out to them as they had likely prepaid for their hotel.

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  1. The shame is plastic water bottles for the most part can be cleaned, reused, and recycled in Thailand, unlike the plastic bag issue. Surely their is senior(s) collector of such bottles in almost every commune in Thailand who would have been happy to collect such bottles for resale-reuse.

    Such a shame...