Melbourne: a city made for walking

Australia has two major world-class cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Although Sydney has better weather and the more spectacular setting on the sea, many tourists and Australians prefer Melbourne. They will tell you Melbourne is more cultured, friendly, or fun. I think the key thing about Melbourne is that it's a very walkable city. It's a relatively friendly city for pedestrians. From this fact springs culture, vitality, and a community spirit that makes Melbourne so lovable.

As it turns out a wicked political equation lies behind the fact of Syndey's hostility to walking. I explore this issue in this post at my other blog,

The photo shows downtown Melbourne, Australia's most walking-friendly city. I took the photo in August, when Australia has its winter.

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  1. oh Jots,

    you just hurt my heart, Sydney is best unfortunately it is wise not to walk in Sydney... and those parks of ours are so inviting for a walk but then again, make sure you have plenty of company to take that walk...

    I prefer Sydney to snobby Melbourne. I love my peace, with the time you learn to know your safe grounds.

    Enjoy your next trip to our city...