Safety of Thai Budget Airlines in the Aftermath of the 1-2-Go crash in Phuket

The Nation (via Bangkok Pundit) reports that Thai budget airlines appear to have been cutting back costs in dangerous ways:
Like several other airlines, One Two Go has reportedly undergone manpower changes. The boss of One Two Go and Orient Thai budget airlines, Udom Tantisprongchai, is said to have replaced several of his Western and Thai pilots - allegedly to cut costs and reduce the chance of work disputes _ with crews with Indonesian and Philippine pilots.
A commenter at Bangkok Pundit's blog wrote:
South Korea’s Ministry of Construction and Transportation issued a warning in March 2006 to Orient Thai and two other budget carriers for “frequent delays and substandard safety measures,” according to the Korea Times newspaper.

The ministry said that Orient Thai, which operated flights from Inchon, South Korea to Bangkok and Phuket, did not update its safety and operational regulation manuals and that fire extinguishers and oxygen tanks were not in working condition."
Would be good to know the names of the other two airlines cited by the Korean Ministry.

Update: One Thai airline that has often been cited for safety violations is Air Phuket. More on Thai aviation safety here, here, and here.

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