Singapore Signs

Singapore is a place of rules -- a land of do's and don'ts (but mostly don'ts). These are a few of the signs I encountered on a previous trip to Singapore.

The strange one above informs you that durian fruit is not permitted on the subway. Durians have a very strong -- and to some offensive -- odor.

This particular sign struck me as especially harsh, even by Singapore standards:

Nevertheless, on your visit to Singapore, you still might catch a glimpse of a skateboarder bolting down an alleyway. After all the signs, such a sight will remind you that there's always hope for the human spirit.


  1. Singapore, the elegant and well "disciplined democracy" of the Lee dynasty... naaaaah I'll skip the trip there...

  2. Singapore's not to be missed! It's got plenty of charm -- Arab Street, Little India, a very good Asian history museum. Nice people. And it's a good place to shop.

    The city state -- while no utopia -- is truly one of the modern wonders of the world.

  3. My dear Jot...

    You can paint it as nice as you like... no way Jose...

    I will eat my duriams here...