Hard drive hero of Bangkok

If you hard drive dies on the road, you could be in real trouble. This happened to me twice, and Joseph rescued me. Joseph operates a "hard drive recovery service" and repair shop in Bangok's Panthip Plaza.* On both occasions Joseph saved my precious data. His prices are reasonable, and he's one of the most cheerful guys you'll ever meet anywhere.

Truth be told, some of Joseph's customers will fly halfway around the world for his service -- I met one from Israel.

Joseph, hard drive hero (right), and his team:

* Joseph's store is called "Bios" and it's located on the forth floor (way in the back).


  1. Hi,

    Just a quick note to say thanks for posting this.
    I went down to Panthip yesterday and got my hd repaired for 400baht. Great service, nice people and very professional.
    Tip: I downloaded the photo above to my phone and then went around the 4th floor asking people "Do you know this man?"

    Thanks again,

  2. Thanks for your comment John. They're great guys.

    I'm happy to hear your trip was a success.

  3. My hard drive just died after a rainstorm in Phuket. A little rain come in by a gab in the window and found my computer on my table, Ak AK everything gone. Do you have a phone no. or an post address for contact. Bo

  4. Nice post, but I have a question. What the heck is that thing on the table?

  5. Store is called Bios.com - www.biosthailand.com
    Branch 1: Address: Room 4125-A9 Pantip Plaza, 4th Floor, Zone I

    As your enter Pantip they are on the 4th floor, far right hand side near the rear elevators. Right back where you didn't even know such an area existed.

    I had a hard drive with a mechanical fault that Joseph's brother in law checked out for me. He couldn't fix it since it needs to be re built but he was very friendly and did as much as he could to check the circuit board etc at no charge.

  6. Hi, thanks for the info! What you guys think, are they able to physically open and fix a damage drive? I have a drive for mac what I'm struggling with in the past few days..

  7. UPDATE:

    Sadly BIOS in Pantip Plaza is closed (I was told it hast been for the last year). Not Sure if he moved or retired.

    In Pantip I found a Shop called T-Rex on the third floor (Right at the back on the left side, where all the really small Shops are next to each other) that can help with any Mac related problems and a Shop across from the WD (Western digital Service Shop more or less same Location Second floor) that can do Hardrive recovery (as long as its not a Hardware Problem).

    I have to go to IDRlab.com which is located near Big C Supercenter in Bangna Bangkok (across town). Because my Hardrive seems to have a hardware problem (WD gave me the adress, bit more expensive though).

    Also Joseph's Thai Website is still active (maybe he just moved but my Thai is not that good).


  8. I dropped my hard drive and it stopped working. How long does he take to fix it? Approximately?

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