Harper Collins' new China guidebook

From "the politics of guidebooks" by By Finlo Rohrer in BBC News Magazine (Via Carl Parkes):

HarperCollins is to publish a guide entitled Travel Around China to coincide with 2008's Beijing Olympics that will make no mention of the Tienanmen Square massacre.
"I don't think talk about the killings is appropriate for a travel guide" explains editor Phil Friedman of HarperCollins. He continues:
"Tiananmen Square had thousands of years of history before that occurred. Tienanmen is a feudal site, hugely important historic site. I'm not sure people travelling there would go there because there were shootings."
The Wiki could well be the future of travel guides (here is Tiananmen Square Massacre at Wikipedia). Publishers like HarperCollins are only hastening their own irrelevancy.

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