Best street food restaurant in Bangkok?

A recent story in the NY Times asked: where can find the best street food in Bangkok? A restaurant called Chote Chitr, in Prang Pu Thorn alley, off Tanao Road (in the old part of Bangkok) is recommended. The food there sounds great:
The yam makhua, a salad of grilled long eggplants topped with tiny dried shrimps, combines the tang of fresh shallots with expert charring. Prepared by the hand of a skilled griller, the vegetables retain a smoky crunch on the outside, but a first bite pierces the crackling char and reveals a juicy eggplant so sweet it resembles a ripe peach, full of lime juice and fish sauce that has soaked into the flesh.
Sounds delicious. The article also recommends a sterile alternative: The food court on the top floor of Central Department Store (connected to Chitlom Station on BTS/skytrain).

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