How to cross the street in China

China based journalist James Fallows explains how it's done:
Everyone who has crossed a street in a big Chinese city knows the drill. You wait for the light and cross with the light, in a big stripe-marked crosswalk. (OK, there are countryside folk who just drift out into the traffic -- that's their problem.) Meanwhile the taxi or bus roaring up from the side and planning to turn right -- or left!-- at the red light doesn't even slow. I've learned the local trick of not looking at the onrushing cars, on the assumption that if you make eye contact with the driver, avoiding a collision becomes your responsibility. Pretend you don't see them, and they're supposed to weave around you. It takes real nerve to do that, because taxis and buses in particular really don't slow down. Thirty miles per hour approaching the red light, and, ok, down to maybe 28mph through the crosswalk and around the corner.
Fallows gives his theory as to why China's streets are like this here, and he discusses how he copes with the situation here.

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