Oink of the day

Umberto Eco, in a conversation with Jan Dalley in the Financial Times (12/15/07), says that whereas beauty is boring because it is predicable,
Charm is something else -- it can depend on a glance, on the way you move a finger. So Barbra Streisand has a horrible nose but she has something else. There are other values: Charm and sexiness.
Note: "Oink of the Day" will be a regular feature at Jotazine.com.

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  1. Thank you.

    An older lady has always been a charmer to me. It is how she cups the faces of her grandchildren lovingly, with the right pressure, and then kisses them.

    Young women grow to be old ladies. Why should young women say that older women are ugly and frightening?

    Older women want to be loved too.....Your oink gives me hope.