Sub-notebook for travel - why bother?

I recently tried out The ASUS Eee PC. It's a subnotebook (netbook) class laptop that weighs just 1 Kilo; it isn't much bulkier than a typical tradepaperback.

But after 20 seconds of typing my hands began to ache. I don't see the point of building computers with such small keyboards. Such keyboards are useless to me (i.e. this post on travel erganomics).

Nevertheless, the machine feels solid, and the screen is small but acceptable. And it comes in a variety of colors -- black, white, even pink.

Specifications: the machine presently ships with a 4 G HD, an optional configuration includes a webcam (complete specs here).

Where to buy: in Bangkok, stores at Pantip Plaza (described here) are selling the Eee for around 12,000 bhat (US$400).
- Photo: by Jotman, breakfast shown in background is to give an indication of scale.
- In this post I discussed what I look for in a travel laptop.
- This new ASUS has been compared to the I-XO laptop from the One Child Per Laptop Project (OLC). I have blogged extensively about OLC here, though I have yet to use one myself. (By this photo, you can see that the XO's keyboard is also ridiculously small, as if the computer had been built for six-year-olds).

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