Best watch for travel? A navigable menu trumps other features

There are lots of digital watches on the market with interesting features. Unfortunately, it doesn't make a lot of sense to select a watch based on exotic functionality or appearance alone.

I do a lot of outdoor sports, and I've tried several brands of digital watch. Most digital watch manufactures seem to practice poor quality control. That's why like Casio G-Shock sports watches.* They are rugged and durable. Some new lines of G-Shock watches don't look like geeky digitals: they have analogue faces, and some are stylish. Moreover, Casio designers put a lot of thought into how their menus work. Easily navigable menus are absolutely key to the enjoyment of any electronic device.

Casio's cameras also have superb menus. Casio is like Nokia in this respect -- designers at both companies have put tremendous thought into making the menus simple and intuitive. By contrast, menus seem like an afterthought on many Samsung products.
* This post just reflects my own opinions, it is not a sponsored or paid piece. I do not accept payment to write reviews for products or services.

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