Big corporations are corrupting Thai noses

In the past year, Thailand has fallen for air fresheners in a big way. It seems like every other taxi sports an air-conditioner-activated bottle of pretty smelling chemicals in a small plastic vile. Invariably I get out of the taxi with a headache.

Thailand's most popular brand of air freshener is called Stella. In my own experience, the stuff is pure lung-poison. I was in a bathroom when it was being sprayed with the stuff, and had a nasty cough for weeks thereafter. And it doesn't even smell nice.

This development is very sad. Thailand is renowned for its exquisite array of floral scents; over the years a whole industry has arisen. It's based on cultivating and harvesting natural flowers and plants selected for their fragrances. But the exquisitely sensitive Thai nose is being corrupted by big corporations determined to mass market some smelly -- and toxic* -- chemicals.
* Air fresheners are hazardous to your health -- as one blogger who researched the question discovered.


  1. That is so weird. An other stupid thing is that people in my country Sweden are buying imported bottlewater from Germany...???
    I think we have the best water in Europe coming out of our fawsets, but some people buy imported stuff anyway. So stupid, and unnessesary for the envirioment.

  2. I agree. That is silly. I know I would rather drink Swedish water given the choice!