Would you flip for this travel video cam?

The NY Times' tech review guru Pogue reviews the Flip. He describes it as "a tiny, stripped-down video recorder the size of a digital camera." The attribute of simplicity has allowed the maker of the Flip, Pure Digital to capture 13% of the video cam market. Flip escaped the peril of "feature creep" that plagues most consumer technologies today. Pogue writes:

There are no menus, no settings, no video light, no optical viewfinder, no special effects, no headphone jack, no high definition, no lens cap, no memory card. And there's no optical zoom - only a 2X digital zoom that works by blowing up and degrading the picture. Ouch.

Instead, the Flip has been reduced to the purest essence of video capture. You turn it on, and it's ready to start filming in two seconds. You press the red button once to record and once to stop. You press Play to review the video, and the Trash button to delete a clip.

Also noteworthy: the Flip takes superior videos in low-light conditions. This is one quality that also makes me appreciate the movie capabilities of the Casio digitals.

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