Is it safe to visit Thailand?

Jotman reader Cliff writes:
guys, i have a trip planned to thailand this weekend (sept 4th). we are backpackers (two of us)and arrive in bangkok for three weeks. we were planning on using the train to travel aroung the country. what are your thoughts on this? would you recomend still going, is it safe? can we get out of bangkok and travel around the country (trains not running, buses, etc..). it seems like you are located in thailand so was looking for your thoughts on this. thanks alot.
clif M.
Read this post before you make up your mind. Here is an excerpt from an article I quote in the post:
A coalition of 43 unions representing workers at state companies including water, electric, phone and the national airline said they would cut off services to the government starting Wednesday in support of the anti-government protests. They already were disrupting rail service and planned to cut back public bus transportation.
At this hour, I would strongly advise against visiting Thailand -- especially considering that you want to travel around.

Consider visiting Indonesia instead. You could take the train around Java, or hit the beaches of Bali and Lombok.


  1. no water... tuh tuh tuh ...
    there goes my chance to visit you...
    maybe next year before elections...

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