The best of the Congo

A Canadian blogger named Kim Gjerstad lived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 2002 until at least 2007. Kim's blog -- though short-lived -- surely ranks among the finest. Kim blogged about the war-ravaged country, life in Kinshasa, and -- our interest here -- travel.

You couldn't ask for a more inspiring visual guide to the greatest sights of Congo than the links off this post:
My own top five Congo attractions (never did the river trip)...
  1. Ruwenzori, the Mountains of the Moon, snow in Congo, third highest on the continent, the weirdest plants ever. Photos.
  2. Nyiragongo volcano, the third largest lava lake in the world, stare in a hole twice the height of Eiffel Tower and look at fountains of lava. Post.
  3. Mountain gorillas, take on the huge Silverback male with his harem full of fluffy babies. Damn, you only wished you could touch them. Photos.
  4. Pygmies of the Ituri forest will take you on a rush in the forest. Survival never looked easier. Photos.
  5. Itombwe Plateau, off limits area, unfortunately, simply picturesque landscape, highly interesting ethnic mix (or un mix), you could be the first white a whole generation will see. That is, on the condition you’re white. Photos.
Another post at Kim's blog provides insight into a global environmental emergency: the poaching of Congo's mountain guerrillas.
Merci à Cédric Kalonji

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