Seven trashy wonders of the world

I have no interest in the contemporary "seven wonders of the world" list that has most recently circulated prominently in the mass media (I'm sorry Brazil, but the Jesus overlooking Rio does not merit ranking in among the top seven).

Far more to my taste is Aaron Labaree's proposal for the "Seven Wonders of the Garbage World":
1. The Eastern Garbage Patch, Pacific Ocean.
2. Fresh Kills Landfill, Staten Island, USA.
3. Roro Asbestos Dump, Jharkhand, India.
4. Smoky Mountain, Manila, Philipines.
5. Shipbreaking Yards, Alang, India.
6. Yucca Mountain, Nevada, USA.
7. Electronic Waste Dumps, Guiyu, China.
Although it did not make Labaree's list of the top seven, check out this short video from my visit to the great garbage dump of Jakarta:

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