Situation at Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Some highlights of recent developments concerning the airport:

General picture:
- Suvarnabhumi is Thailand's main airport, one of the major airports of Asia.
- Anti-government protesters have taken control of the airport.
- Protesters succeeded have succeeded in preventing Thai PM from landing.
- Protesters say they won't leave the airport until the PM resigns. The army chief has also called for PM's resignation.

Situation at the airport:
- Restaurants in airport are closed.
- Staff friendly but clueless about what is happening.
- At least one grenade exploded by an highway overpass near the airport at 6:00am
- passengers being told to return to the city of Bangkok, and not hang around the airport waiting for flights.
- Hand grenade exploded Wednesday at an overpass near the airport.

CNN reports on the chaos at Bangkok's main airport:

The Nation newpaper provides this video shot at the airport:

A French tourist shot this video recently. It appears to have been filmed in the vicinity of the airport:

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