Joining this free service before you travel could save your life

A journalist in Afghanistan -- one of a handful not embedded in the military -- has advice that could prove useful to any traveler. Tech Radar reports:

"Get yourself set up with a Twitter account. It's a nice, low-cost way of letting people know if you get into trouble or are kidnapped. You can agree on a keyword with friends to use if they need to start mobilising help for you and then you can just text that word when you are in such a situation."

That's the advice of Alex Strick van Linschoten. Sounds overly paranoid for everyday blogging, but then again, he's no everyday blogger.

Based in Afghanistan, van Linschoten is the only journalist in Kandahar who isn't embedded with the military. He feels his 'free-roaming' blog, From the Frontline, plays an important role in bringing the reality of the conflict to the outside world.

Not long after he gave the interview for this report, the Alex used twitter to report that he had survived a bomb blast in a nearby neighborhood.

Most recently, during the recent terror attacks on hotels in India, twitter proved itself a useful tool to those on the scene in downtown Mumbai (see this post).

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