Duty-free scam at Bangkok airport

The Danish embassy has posted a warning about a scam at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The conspiracy may implicate the country's largest duty-free shop (King Power) and the Thai police (hat-tip David):
Be careful if you shop in stores in the international airport in Bangkok. You risk being arrested and charged of corruption of Thai airport officials.

That is the warning from the Danish Embassy in Bangkok, who knows a young Danish woman who recently had problems at the airport.

"Be careful with the stores where there is open space, and it seems that you can freely move around," says Mads Beyer, who is deputy head of the embassy in Bangkok, to DR News.
BBC correspondent Jonathan Head has a full report on the controversy. Jotman.com reader David puts this problem in perspective:
Absolutely, I can not believe this goes on or is allowed to go on. Surely everyone knows the pain that Thailand has gone through in the last couple of years.... Any other country would hunt down this madness for the sake of the country’s reputation. It’s like they have tried to do everything possible to deter tourists. And God knows, Thailand needs every last tourist it can get.
Once you are outside of duty free zone of Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, it's worth mentioning that among those most eager to provide you with transport or lodgings are some liars and scam artists. A good rule of thumb is to refuse to do business with anyone who approaches you first.

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